Public Transformations Paper Submitted


Late last night (ok . . . before sunrise this morning), I submitted the final version of my paper that has been the focus of my life over the past 3 months, Public Transformations: Adult Learners Who Use Social Media to Express and Understand Their Identities as Developing Researchers.

I do not want to go into detail here about my findings (as I have already submitted an abstract of this for a conference paper review), suddenly everything in the analysis of my ethnographic study clicked with how the participants understand themselves as developing researchers. As I described it in the initial proposal, “I am especially interested in knowing how learners make sense of their experiences when they believe they learn something significant that helps them see things in a different way.”

I saw it, and am initially pleased with my findings. This makes for wonderful further study . . .

4 thoughts on “Public Transformations Paper Submitted

  1. Good news on getting that done, amazing isn’t it had how the ‘last little bits and pieces’ take so long to get through. Look forward to seeing it online.

    1. Corinne-

      Thank you for the feedback. Yes, indeed, sometimes the most interesting things are found when we stop or otherwise are able to notice those little pieces (that often point to bigger concepts and issues!).

      I hope to speak about my work, which I have a sense may continue in some form or another.


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