Switch: Follow-up to Made to Stick

I just ordered my copy of Switch, the new book by Chip and Dan Heath (best-selling authors of Made to Stick). I thought the brothers’ earlier work was wonderful, and am looking forward to reading their follow-up work.

Not sure when I will have time to read it; perhaps need to find (or create?) an online book discussion for this???


3 thoughts on “Switch: Follow-up to Made to Stick

  1. Hi Jeffrey,

    Looks interesting!

    As do the conferences you’ll be traveling to over the next while. I spent a week in Aalborg in 2005 for a Dexus Nexus conference. It was awesome (and yes, a bit pricey but where isn’t these days?)

    If you do arrange some kind of book discussion, I’d like to try and participate. (If the logistics aren’t too cumbersome.)


    1. Stephanie-

      Aalborg, too! Small world, isn’t it?

      A colleague of mine in the Netherlands is planning to discuss a few articles on Communities of Practice, and this text is the next one on the list to read and discuss. Wonder about the logistics of having a book discussion on a blog? Glad to host it here, especially with the threaded comments I implemented. You open for it if we begin in a month or so?


      1. Hello Jeffrey,

        Yes, I’m open to trying to participate in your book discussion. I’m curious about the threaded comments feature you mentioned, too!

        The timing will be rough given my own schedule; hopefully you’ll have other takers as well to keep it lively.

        I hope your memories of Aalborg will be as fond as mine!


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