Interview Progress for Public Transformations Research

With so many generous participants offering to assist me with my research project, Public Transformations: Adult Learners Who Use Social Media to Express and Understand Their Identities as Developing Researchers, I want to provide a brief update as to where I am with all this.

I have thus far completed 6 interviews (I initially planned for 3), have one more confirmed, and am trying to coordinate 2 additional ones. I will collect far more experiences (data, in research terms) than I need for this course project, and hope this helps me understand the topic more completely, perhaps to assist with my dissertation (thesis, in UK parlance) direction for next year, a research paper I am already formulating, and some really valuable findings to better understand how this all fits together. With so many wonderful people out there willing to open their lives and meaning making to me, I want my work to benefit our community of learners and educators as well.

Next, continue with the transcription steps . . .

4 thoughts on “Interview Progress for Public Transformations Research

  1. Hi Jeffrey,

    Thanks for the update! 🙂

    I keep thinking about the question you asked, when you noticed that I categorized the blog for ‘deep thinking’ and FB for ‘lighter stuff’ (or something to that effect).

    Since we spoke, I’ve been noticing more about the interaction between these mediums: in general I’d say the rough division holds but there is overlap and definitely cross-pollination (especially from FB to the blog). At least, there was a recent fairly extensive interaction in FB that extended over several days which helped me formulate a particular blogpost. That hasn’t happened before (that I remember).

  2. I am happy to be invterviewed for your PhD project. I am an adult learner loosely involved with social media and interested in Web2.0 technologies in health care delivery.

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