QI2010 Abstract #2 Accepted; This One on eLearning

Quite happy to share the news that the second abstract I submitted for consideration to the 6th International Conference on Qualitative Inquiry was also accepted! I am really looking forward to this conference now!! This one is entitled:

The Design and Initial Development of an eLearning Course to Organize and Frame a Qualitative Research Design: The Learning Qualitative Project

There is increasing attention to the challenges faced by faculty who teach qualitative research method courses. Whether lecturers do not have sufficient background to teach in this area, students are not ready to take these courses or their expectations differ from what is taught, logistical institutional factors inhibit teaching and learning, or challenges in the theory-practice relationship pose struggles to coursework, the struggles with teaching qualitative methods seem nearly endless (Hurworth, 2008). With so much need, it was decided to create a freely available eLearning course to assist faculty and students alike. A qualitative research design eLearning course was developed to address some of the basic elements of a research design, and the first version of this is being tested with feedback being used to improve the course’s usefulness.  

I look forward to meeting some old friends and making some new ones this May. BTW, the call for abstracts continues for another week.

Who needs a ride from Indianapolis?!