QI2010 Abstract Accepted: Learning Goals and Personal Learning

One of the abstracts I submitted for the QI2010 Conference (in May, 2010) was just accepted! Here is the title and abstract:

Learning Goals and Personal Learning in Practitioner Autoethnographic Inquiry: A Case Study

Autoethnography is an increasingly used method of inquiry in the social sciences that focuses upon an experience, or case, in the life of the researcher, who then studies this with the hope of presenting it with vivid and rich descriptive details. It is often intended that the reader be able to share in the experience, so the research is intentionally related to common cultural perspectives. There is limited research around why autoethnographers engage in this method, especially in the context of trying to better understand their goals and intentions for their own work, as well as what is hoped for within the audience. This exploratory case study research will explore the researcher’s learning goals for his or her readers, as well as how the researcher’s own learning develops through the process of conducting the autoethnographic research.

I attended this conference last year, liveblogged it, and had a wonderful time (I learned, I laughed, and I saw a much larger world than I noticed before). Looking forward to attending once again this year.