Research Project Outline / Headings

As I am nearing a proposal for my research project (which I hope to have later today for feedback), I am now turning some attention to one of the more anxiety-causing elements of a research project — the outline / headings used in the paper.

This is the organizational structure which is used as an outline, and into which I feed the specs for the project itself, and I find that my understanding of this skafolding and how it is used is developing, so I know there is not a single framework that will work in all cases for all projects. Nevertheless, this is what I have in mind now:



1. Research Problem

2. Aim / Significance

3. Purpose

Literature Review

Research Design

1. Philosophical Worldview

2. Theoretical Lens

3. Strategy of Inquiry

4. Research Method

5. Research Questions

Data Collection

Analysis and Interpretation

1. Reliability, Validity, and Generalizability


1. Next steps

Conclusion / Learnings

Any feedback on this outline will be appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Research Project Outline / Headings

  1. The questions should come before the method and determine what the method is.
    Analysis and Findings should have more than one subheading, or none at all.

    1. Kip-

      Great catch about the questions and the method order. I know that, though somehow my fingers rebelled! Will adjust.

      I agree with you about the Headings (don’t list a #1 if there is not at least a #2), though I am not sure how to clean this up. I can have those items within the areas without breaking them out, though I thought that having a level 2 heading (without a number) might work. No?


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