Silence and Voice Blocked by Websense

Not sure if this means my blog is getting tracked (more readers or value?) or there is another reason why it is now blocked in my office, but I will take this as a good (though annoying) sign of reach and networking value!

websense blocked

Of course, it also means I need to move my links and other resources someplace else so I can access them FOR WORK NEEDS!

3 thoughts on “Silence and Voice Blocked by Websense

  1. @Joost Robben

    Ahh, so you think there may be a connection between networking and learning AND doing one’s job? What a marvelously contemporary idea!

  2. LOL, i’m such a wise man. and that considering my brains are still scrambled due to the accident! haha. well either way — this is dead serious stuff –, i wasnt expecting for a university to put these kinds of limits on their network, or is this somewhere else?

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