Daemon by Daniel Suarez

daemonWant a technological thriller, with adventure, action, and sci-fi based reality? Check out Daemon, the first novel by Daniel Suarez and the book I started to read (and just finished) on my recent trip. It was the first text in some time to hold my interest to the end.

The book is about a virtual world gaming executive who creates a daemon, a program that runs in the background, that in fact begins to control an increasingly-large world-wide network. The book was riveting, and I appreciate Nick Bradbury’s recommendation and bringing it to my attention. The most interesting thing about the thriller may just be that everything in it is possible, if not now, then certainly soon. Very soon.

(spoiler alert!!)

The most frustrating thing about it? There was no resolution at the end, with instead a reference to a sequel coming out in 2010. At first I was relieved that the ending was not contrived, then frustrated that nothing was resolved, and then increasingly reflective about how most things in life do not have a nice ending where all loose ends are addressed and the world is made an orderly, safe place. For me, the important element is the promise of a fulfilling future, or at least an engaging one we collectively create.

After all, when was the last time everything in life is smooth and seemingly complete?

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