Lancaster Doctoral Residential, 2009

Here I am in the middle of my residential in the northwest of England, where I have recently started as a doctoral student studying toward a PhD in E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL or ERTEL). 

After teaching and learning for so many years, why not focus on the PhD? After all, while I work full-time as a project manager, I also teach doctoral students, MBA and other graduate students, undergraduates, and continuing education students. I already have four earned masters degrees, review countless academic and peer-reviewed presentations, papers, and journal articles. Why not get the credential I have already worked long and hard to achieve (not to mention my own countless papers, international presentation, and articles of some sort or another)?

While I have held off thus far discussing my studies which began two months ago (I have been busy, even by my own standards!), they will become more a part of my life and thus my blog postings.

Nothing like more opportunities for reflective practice to improve my teaching and learning.

2 thoughts on “Lancaster Doctoral Residential, 2009

  1. Thanks for sharing all the images and impression, Jeffrey. It looks like an eventful journey and the Lancaster PhD programme is hopefully bringing you back at some point to the UK. I see you are reading Giddens – his work on identity is currently subject to my exam revision…wishing you a great group of supporting supervisors and inspiring debates with follow PhD students. All the best.

  2. @Britta Bohlinger

    Thank you, Britta. Yes, I will be back in the UK next year at the same time.

    Lots of support and just the earliest signs of debate thus far. That may be one of the great advantages to studying from a distance, as the debates will naturally spill out to the larger online community and help us all to move the issues and learning along.

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