Winter Solstice and Yule

Today is the Winter Solstice, also known as Yule / Midwinter / Alban Arthan, a time of endings and new beginnings. However you may recognize or celebrate this day alone or with friends or colleagues, may you and yours take comfort that this day has traditionally been seen as a turning of the year. A time of new beginnings. The shortest day of the year, and thus the return of the sun. Rebirth. New life and hope.winter solstice stonehenge Whatever we did not learn this year is now behind us. May we be open to making more meaning of the experiences that await.

May the new days ahead bring peace and happiness.

2 thoughts on “Winter Solstice and Yule

  1. The intimate connection to nature and making sense of life in close relation to natural rhythms seems to have gone lost over the past fourteen-hundred years or so but certainly not a reason for not refreshing a sense of significance of some of the most fundamental elements which guide our lives – no matter if we are aware of them or not. Let go and embrace uncertainty – the New Year is like promising land to those who are not afraid of facing their own anxieties. Thanks for sharing – with all good wishes for 2009.

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