Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-12-18

  • We are revising an instructional designer’s job description and title to include a project management focus. #
  • We cannot figure a descriptive job title for this. Any thoughts? #
  • Instructional Design Project Manager? #
  • Education Project Manager? #
  • Instructional Project Manager? #
  • Project Manager, Instructional Design? #
  • @gminks Thank you for the feeback! #
  • @WendyDrexler NIce twist on that, Wendy. Thank you. Less focus on eLearning with a greater emphasis on adult learning initiatives. #
  • @minhaaj Makes sense, but I think they want to somehow have “project manager” visible in the title. #
  • @SarahStewart Thank you in advance, Sarah. I wish I can attend the conference in Ireland this year, but I am conference-budget stretched. #
  • @QueerDuck81 No cavities is very good. It has been such a intense and busy week that I actually fell asleep near the end of the cleaning! #
  • @nycrican2 My field of teaching is HRD, adult education, and communication. #
  • @nycrican2 The DNP class I will teach is “Teaching and Learning in Advanced Practice Nursing.” #
  • @BlancheMaynard I do not know that song; will have to look it up. #

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