Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-12-15

  • Ate too much Indian food for dinner. Need some tea now. #
  • Not getting much done tonight. #
  • @BlancheMaynard Love the French! #
  • Late night tonight. I ironed for hours and am now spending time on iTunes instead of paperwork. #
  • I have an all day event at Pace University. I will be an adjunct there in their DNP program. #
  • I am in an all-day faculty workshop on multicultural competency, and we were asked to draw our social networks. #
  • I find that most of my social network is online. I do not know the ages or social class or religious affiliation of mos of the people I know #
  • I drew a laptop. Most of my network is online. Interesting what this may demonstrate about me. #
  • Great day today at Pace University. I met my co-instructor and had a nice faculty meeting after the cultural competency session. #
  • @BlancheMaynard Merci, madame! #
  • @nycrican2 It is the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at Pace University #
  • @nycrican2 I will be co-teaching the Teaching and Learning in
    Advanced Practice Nursing class in the summer of 2009. #
  • @edwebb Agree with you completely. I know that when I speak with colleagues (such as you) on Twitter, I do not think age, class, race, etc. #
  • @darylcook Sounds like a horrible proposition. I have not heard of it; do you have a link to get some info about it? #

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