Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-12-08

  • I fell asleep last night rather early. Suppose I needed the sleep. Now even more behind on things! #
  • Tonight is my last Research Process and Methodology class. Lots of projects to read then. #
  • @mikhailg @sleslie That is a great text. Freire has really influenced my thinking. #
  • @sleslie Your slides look wonderful! What is the talk on? #
  • I missed an AFLAC meeting at work. #
  • Just made another AFLAC meeting. Pricy. #
  • Just ate a Veggie Delite sandwich from Subway. #
  • I just joined the Twitter Group Anybody else out there a member of this? #
  • @shirleyearley I was surprised how much I liked #Wicked. I am not a big fan of musicals, yet the story is so compelling! #
  • @debbyk Where is Pantages? #
  • @nycrican2 There is always room for more folks in #NYC. One of the reasons it is the city that never sleeps. #
  • @BarbaraNixon Thank you, Barbara. You know, I liked the first act of #Wicked better than the second. #
  • @dmcordell I am fortunate that I can enjoy Greenwich Village on a daily basis. #
  • The music and dance in #Wicked was not very memorable. The story itself was intense, and made for a nice discussion about #hegemony. #
  • @be_b That seems like a really interesting conference. #
  • @orthostichy I have not seen anything better than Twitterberry for teh Blackberry. I wish it were more robust. #
  • I just joined the Twitter Group #
  • Any other Blackberry owners out there looking for better social media apps? #
  • I just made a Twitter Group at for all #autoethnography fans, practitioners, and researchers. #
  • I just joined the Twitter Group and you can too. #
  • I just made a Twitter Group at for our autoethnography group. #
  • @barbaranixon Now, Barbara, we just have to figure out how to use the #autoethnography Twitter Group #
  • @Jocene Interested in sharing more about the autoethnography similarities you noticed? #
  • @spencetress Do you agree with autoethnography being more “honest?” #
  • @sicchio Why is “autoethnography” your friend? #
  • @jclarey Did you get any feedback on autoethnography as a research method? #
  • Exploring Interesting idea. I wish Twittgroups had easier RSS feeds options, rather than just social media bookmarks #
  • @thecleversheep Good luck! #
  • @fleep Which NYC Apple Store? There are several of them. #
  • I wish people used real images rather than SL avatars here in Twitter. Hard for me to have a sense of a person from a cartoon. #
  • @cshirky As if we can separate the brain from the person who has one . . . #
  • @matthewktabor Sounds like a sympathetic parent or pathetic teacher. #
  • @dlnorman Interesting metaphor, that there is! #
  • @jadeygunver So, what brings you to Twitter? #

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