Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-12-05

  • @Rondette Welcome to the world of Twitter! #
  • What a day full of busy meetings. Phew! #
  • I have to drive to JFK to pick up a colleague’s son. Will be strange to go to the airport and not look forward to a trip myself. #
  • @zerhynn I like your holiday avatar. #
  • @be_b Have you started to look around yet? #
  • @Kylab Just saw your Tweet. Not my son (per se); my older dog. Both of them are now cancer survivors. #
  • @Kylab Very tough with pets when they are the only “children,” as they can only look sad when in pain; they can’t say what hurts. #
  • @Kylab So sorry about your daughter. How is she doing? #
  • @Kylab Last night I went to the Holiday Tree Lighting Event at the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge in NYC. Wonderful organization. #
  • Just read about OJ The world may now be a slightly safer place. #
  • Poor (?) Boy George #
  • @arjunsingh Tell us why, Arjun; your url is to your Facebook page. #
  • At JFK Terminal 3. Feels like another world, or at least a different time and place. #

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