Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-12-02

  • The Time Warner Center is nicely decorated for the holidays. #
  • Michael Storrings is signing A Very New York Christmas at Borders in Columbus Circle. #
  • @jfeo Not sure yet; the course will be online and I have not yet received the feedback regarding my syllabus proposal. Very condensed. #
  • Spencer had his stitches removed this morning and met the oncologist for the first time. Everything went well, and he is recovering nicely. #
  • @BlancheMaynard Still hope you are not reading this. #
  • @BlancheMaynard Why panicking? #
  • @kathyschrock If you were to speak, what would you say about it? #
  • @nealcross I suppose the marines are not interested in that part of the African coast?! #
  • @nelliemuller I think that title is right up there with “coach,” “advisor,” or “consultant.” #
  • @rdelorenzo I am catching up, too. Managing #Multimemberships is a challenge. I think I need to cut back on RSS feeds due to overload. #
  • Between meetings. #
  • Finally leaving the office. Tired. #

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