Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-11-05

  • @BarbaraNixon Who?!?! #
  • Just finished my Online Learning class. #
  • use Wimba, though I was plugging Elluminate, which is a favorite of mine! #
  • @moneycoach Sorry, lost the context of your Tweet (been a bit overwhelmed this week). #
  • @christiepooh 🙂 #
  • @joostrobben Finally voted. BTW, I like voting for the winner, so let that be a help, too. #
  • @gminks It is a great program, and the one I use at home the most. #
  • @abalone You did not have a sign-up for in-buolding trick-or-treaters? #
  • @abalone That grey fox . . . #
  • @abalone Did you say Democrats and Leadership in the same sentence? Better get some coins to toss into the fountain and hope for the best. #
  • @abalone The past 8 years have been a downward spiral . . . #
  • @northernvoice Northern Voice 2009 was just announced?! Sweet. #
  • @northernvoice Let’s see, #nv09? #
  • @northernvoice I thought last year there was a call for more involvement of non-Vancouverites?! #
  • @gminks #NorthernVoice is the Canadian Blogging and Social Media conference in Vancouver every year #
  • @skydaddy What a great idea to learn the states and understand more of the political process as well. #
  • Amazing how quiet it is out on the street in Manhattan. Just walked the dogs, and nobody is out. I could almost feel the anticipation. #
  • @Mly I would follow you as well if I knew who you were. Hard to follow people with protected Tweets. #
  • @moneycoach We are nearing the end of the course Principles and Practices of Online Course Creation and Instructional Design. #
  • @moneycoach It will run again in the spring, however, #
  • I am in a wonderful mood today knowing our best days are ahead. Go Barack! #
  • @be_b It is easier to say we can’t do something than to reach for our goals. That is the difference between moving forward or holding back. #
  • Off to Mandoo Bar for Korean food. #
  • Still happy about The Change We Need! #
  • Off to class. Giving a midterm tonight. #

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