Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-10-23

  • Just finished our monthly project team meetings. People brought up a lot of good ideas. #
  • I wonder why sometimes I click the #coComment link to follow some comments, and it opens without following anything. RRrrrrrrr. #
  • What a beautiful afternoon outside. The leaves are finally turning in Manhattan. Glad I already enjoyed seeing them in the Catskills. #
  • @gsiemens Interested to hear more about the transsformative effects. Have been looking for some research in this area. #
  • @arjunsingh We can certainly use this in the States as well! #
  • @coolcatteacher Who was it and how did (s)he teach it? #
  • @WeekendEdition Great; still waiting . . . #
  • @CourtBovee or perhaps because they do not know how to integrate new media into their content areas? #
  • @CourtBovee Great idea! #
  • @BarbaraNixon I cannot manage that number of Tweets. The 152 I follow is overwhelming. Have to go Tweet Pruning soon. #
  • @skydaddy So, you only read as you have time, or do you try to follow and read everything? How can you find things amidst all the din? #
  • @be_b Can you just share a tiny hint, perhaps via direct Tweet??!!?? #
  • @vogeltjes Yes, I am still there, and yes, I am very busy. Alas, CCK08 is so large I feel lost. What did I miss . . . ? #
  • @skydaddy cute about the radio station! See what I mean about missing great nuggets due to the din? #
  • @skydaddy Great quote! #
  • Workong with literacy readability instruments this afternoon. #

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