Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-10-22

  • @be_b It can be overwhelming returning from a conference. What main take-away do you have? #
  • @mbogle Thank you for the feedback, Mike. I have been toying with this for some time; finding my perception may not be the same as others. #
  • @BlancheMaynard Thank you, Blanche. I have a bunch from the Cloisters Museum going up today (I hope)! #
  • @abalone Keeping fingers crossed about #NV09. The challenge, of course, is the longer it takes for them to decide, the harder the airfare. #
  • @skydaddy Never seen that shorthand. Of course, a few days away already! #
  • First time out today. Is beautiful! #
  • @be_b Do I smell a research agenda forming? #
  • @skydaddy I tend to shy away from abbreviations, though do find myself using WIIFM and WTF at times. Nothing else seems to take their place! #
  • About to attend my last meeting of the day. #
  • @be_b I really smell some research-to-come now! #
  • About to attend a #multimembership planning meeting for our upcoming #SCoPE session #
  • @rdelorenzo I need to catch up, too. How do you find the time? What did you cut to do so? #

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