Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-10-19

  • Listening to a Twitter ad on NPR about Twitter. #
  • Seems their address is @WeekendEdition. Will have to check it out. #
  • @betsyweber Enjoy your time@ #
  • @abalone Thank you! #
  • @shirleyearley Can you elaborate a little on this, Shirley? #
  • @WeekendEdition Just heard this mention on #NPR, so decided to look you up. #
  • @WeekendEdition Glad #NPR is on Twitter. How about using a logo for identification and branding? #
  • @mbogle Ouch! #
  • @mbogle Did you back up the files, or the OS and settings, too? I need to get a better backup plan. #
  • @WeekendEdition Great! BTW, when replying, click the “arrow” button next to the Tweet you are replying to. That will begin the Tweet with @ #
  • @WeekendEdition Beginning Tweets with @ and then the person’s name, such as @WeekendEdition means you are publicly speaking to “them.” #
  • @BarbaraNixon What is the link to it? There are not cartoons in the NYTimes, so I do not see many of them too often any more. #
  • @mbogle Sorry about that. That is one of the features in my Lenovo I like–the restore disk is built-in. Still lots of work though. #
  • @BlancheMaynard Wish I were joining you; enjoy the hike. #
  • Wonderful news about Colin Powell endorsing Obama. Must not have been an easy decision for him. #
  • At Newark Airport to pick Michael up; he is back from ornament and book signings in New Orleans. #

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