Windows Reinstall; Corrupt User Profile

What fun I had this weekend.

When I returned from a little attempted R&R, I found I could not log on to my computer (Lenovo running Vista). Nothing would work, so with my Lenovo’s ability to still access files, I tried to backup all that I could and then reset the pc back to its original factory settings. I have spent hours so far downloading and installing updates to my now-brand-new-Vista-reinstall.

Email? Not yet, though I know I lost some email I received in the last 2 weeks. Before I do anything else online, I need to get the new Norton Internet Security 2009 and install that tonight. I am hoping to be ready for my online class tomorrow night, otherwise I will need to find another computer for it.

I will speak more about this over the next few days.


Jeffrey Keefer


2 thoughts on “Windows Reinstall; Corrupt User Profile

  1. I have two sets of admin profiles on my Vista OS as this happened to me before as well. We may have the best computers but these things still happen. Sorry to hear that you lost files. Hopefully not to much that it’ll affect your work

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