Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-09-23

  • @SarahStewart Computer? You mean one of those IBM desktops?! #
  • @gminks Sweeeeeet #
  • @gminks Will you (can you?) share it? #
  • @PaulPam2 Which book? #
  • What is going on with Suresh? He seems out of character. #
  • Did Maya on #Heroes lose her SPanish accent? #
  • WTF with Suresh?!?!?! #
  • I wonder if they are moving an entire season of #Heroes into the first 2 episodes? #
  • @gminks Did Suresh on #Heroes do nothing but work out in the last few months? Seems a bit too sure of himself now. Loss of charm. #
  • @gminks Yeah, until he starts to fall apart. Literally! #
  • @zerhynn Yes, they almost seemed to go overboard. #
  • @RobinYap Perhaps. In the process, she lost her charm, too. #
  • At this point in #Heroes, there are fewer and fewer characters I like. What is this, everybody has more power than the next? #
  • This is the first time I ever watched #Heroes on tv. All the other ones were on DVD. I like being able to pause . . . #
  • @gminks So, what do you think about the first 2 #Heroes? #
  • I like the action/intensity/intrigued in #Heores, never knowing what will come next. But the story seems too broad. Perhaps like real life? #
  • @zerhynn Feels like a soap opera . . . #
  • @zerhynn Perhaps. I Tweeted earlier today about the interesting review of the new #Heroes season in the NYTimes. Interesting Gen Y thoughts. #
  • @gminks Very thoughtful. A regular upright citizen. Of course, even after watching for 2 hours I still do not understand anything . . . #
  • @SarahStewart Wow, sounds like you are in the States now . . . #
  • @nnoakes The best for your preparation, Nick. #
  • @zerhynn Thank you for the feedback. #
  • Meetings all morning. #
  • Getting ready for my online course that starts in little while #

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