Tracking Comments, or What Happened to co.mments?

commentsI have been using co.mments for the last year to track comments on blog posts I leave. This service alerts me if there are any additional comments, responses, or follow-ups via an RSS feed I subscribe to in my feed reading program.

However, the website has been inaccessible for the past two days and my feed no longer appears to be working. Too bad, it was a great service that I would have paid for if that would have ensured stability.

I now have to look for another options–quickly. How do others track comments they leave so they know when blog authors respond?

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4 thoughts on “Tracking Comments, or What Happened to co.mments?

  1. I’ve been using co.mments for over a year and they seem to have these periods of inaccessibility from time to time. But then all of a sudden it starts working again. It would help if there were some communication from the staff(person?) recognizing the issue and saying if they have plans to resolve it.

    I tried commentful and it doesn’t work at all. I don’t even know why the site is still up. I might have to try cocomment. There were some limitations when I first looked at it but they might have improved by now.

    Good luck!

  2. @Brian

    I know what you mean. Since I wrote this post I have been able to access the co.mments website 3 times and not been able to access it 4 times. I really hope they get it fixed, or perhaps reach out to their legions of fans for help or support . . .

    Commentful does work, but it is bulky. The same goes for coComment. They both have somewhat annoying quirks (such as Commentful’s adds and multiple additional services and coComment’s slow speed and annoying use of Ajax-like windows that still need to reload).

    I know, they are all free; I would gladly pay for one of them if it worked well!

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