Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-09-01

  • Finally, Internet access again. #
  • @joaoa Now that I have Internet access again, I have all sorts of things to catch up with. #
  • @Currie Sangria makes a whole lot of life funnier, as a matter of fact. #
  • @joaoa Thank you, Joao. I have a lot to catch up with. After I clean through my email, off to finish my Online Course Design class syllabus. #
  • @darylcook This week is finally my time to catch up with #FOC08 reading and blog commenting as well. I have a lot of RSS feeds to process! #
  • @joaoa My course page will be here and the course description is here #
  • Laura Bush is speaking at the RNC now. Interesting that she is speaking, but the President and VP were “rescheduled.” #
  • Wonder if “rescheduled” is code for “canceled”? #
  • @joaoa Great. Very open for thoughts and suggestions. #
  • @suewolff Sue, can you speak more about this. Perhaps how this worked with privacy and with “requirements”? #
  • @gminks What, you think this is holiday from labor or something?! #
  • Amazing how sympathetic the Republicans are being for the Sarah Palin unmarried and under-aged pregnant daughter situation. #

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