Blogging Via Email and Some Lessons Therein

Still scratching my heading thinking about some of the wonders and challenges of technology.

I have no Web or Internet access over the long weekend, with only my BlackBerry to keep me connected to the Web and email. I am able to blog via email, which I think is an amazing feature of WordPress. What is odd is how all that happens while my theme and blog formatting in some way gets thrown off. For the life of me I cannot figure out why, though it seems the benefit of one comes with its own drawbacks.

This seems to occur in many situations. I can communicate with friends and colleagues with Twitter and Facebook, but that exposes my privacy. I can buy online, though the possibility of harvesting online credit information is real. I can post my professional qualifications online for consulting work, though know my employer can see them (note for clarification and transparency–I consult on the side, and am not actively looking to change my full-time work!). I regularly engage globally with colleagues at CPsquare and SCoPE, though rarely enjoy the opportunity to meet for coffee or a Manhattan in Manhattan.

Where does this leave us?

Technology is a vast new and exciting world, and it seems every benefit and advancement we experience comes with its own new challenges. Often these are not immediately realized, as new begets new, yet so often in old ways. With these wonderful opportunities we have, how completely new is our Brave New World after all?