Blog Formatting; Restored. Check!

Borrowing a neighbor’s computer, I just fixed my blog formatting jumbled posts. As I said in the posts themselves (below), with every new technology, it seems there may just be an unintended (and unforeseen) consequence.

Let’s hope there are no more this Labor Day weekend!

2 thoughts on “Blog Formatting; Restored. Check!

  1. Hey Jeffrey, I missed your mess. It all looks fine now, guess cuz you fixed it. But for our information, can you share what went wrong? Do you know yet? What maneuvers were required to fix the formatting?

  2. @Sue Wolff
    There was indeed a mess! No idea what the issue was. While I am running a 1-version old WordPress, the email posting system did not work flawlessly every time. I am planning to upgrade to the current WP version this week, and then will do some more testing. Will keep you informed!

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