FOC08 Discussion Catch-Up

I am taking a few days off after spending all my non-full-time-job time teaching a two-week summer Business Communication intensive. I only have my BlackBerry to keep me in touch, so will see how connected I can remain.

Trying to catch up with reading the “Facilitating Online Communities” FOC08 email discussions is proving quite a challenge. Seems participants are engaging in discussions via the Google Group more than blogs or other channels. I wonder if this is because email is more immediate than posting and linking to a blog post? Whatever the case, there has been a recent explosion in comments recently–almost too much to follow.

Better too much discussion than not enough, I suppose.
Jeffrey Keefer

2 thoughts on “FOC08 Discussion Catch-Up

  1. I do wish more would happen in the blogs though. Maybe in more time. I have noticed little networks forming around some of the blogs, perhaps there can be both – but I tend to think blogging will have to become a lot more mainstream to come close to knocking email off its perch

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