Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-08-18

  • Michael Storrings will sign his new book A Very New York Christmas tomorrow at the NY International Gift Show #
  • Attending Captivate training at New Horizons on W. 42nd St. #
  • Their facility is underground, so I have no phone service. Not fun. #
  • On top of everything else, I am taking an online course for NYU Epsilen preparation, Introduction to Online Course Preparation. #
  • @gminks Yes, especially now that we are 18 minutes late beginning today. #
  • Finally, beginning. #
  • I have played around wtih Captivate before, though I am new to C3. #
  • Getting hungry. I smell food and coffee. #
  • Grabbing a Starbucks in our break. #
  • Captivate 3 seems more straight-forward than earlier versions. Adobe has come a long way. #
  • @betsyweber Waiting for the NY Meetup! #
  • Ate a wonderful salad at lunch in Times Square. Pricy, but very good. #
  • @betsyweber How can there not be some pressing business need??!! #
  • @howardgr Enjoy your time off. Hope it is for vacation, Howard. #
  • Wrapping up Captivate 3 training. Seems easier to use than I remember. Now I am wondering if work will order us copies of it. #
  • Attending the #FOC08 teleconfererence for our online course #
  • People are from all over the world on the call. Wonderful sense of global community. #
  • #FOC08 has live participants in Peru, Brunei, Vancouver, New Zealand, New York, Texas, Argentina, and elsewhere. Truly global! #

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