Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-08-15

  • Just submitted a proposal abstract. #
  • @gminks have been away from Twitter a bit this week. Am going to catch up now. #
  • @gminks Wound eLearning is an elearning course on wound assessment and management. #
  • @gminks Thank you. Phew . . . #
  • @CourtBovee Thank you for the references. These books seem wonderful! #
  • @CourtBovee I could not locate a single rss feed for Is there one? #
  • @CourtBovee Looks like interesting texts. Have not come across them before. #
  • @gminks Sorry I missed your message. Been behind with Twitter. #
  • Just saw on the news that Manhattan is under a tornado warning. TORNADO??? #
  • @gminks Amazing, isn’t it. All the news stations have weaether issues. The news reports there may have been the beginning of a funnel. #

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