Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-07-25

  • @abalone I felt classy and sophisticated just hearing him talk and seeing what he wears! #
  • @gusgreeper Sounds great, if not a bit TMI. Oh well, you are speaking only among a few friends or so here. #
  • @Currie Thank you! #
  • NYU is using the Epsilen platform for online courses in the Fall. Anybody familiar with it? #
  • @BronSt I am not familar with him. Ahh, the global community here! #
  • @BronSt I cannot claim to have any fashion sense (or even interest), but Tim Gunn is like Home Depot, “You can do it, and I can help!” #
  • @skydaddy Intersting materials you showed me! #
  • @ChrisRicca HOpe you squeezed every bit of vacation out of the trip. However, NYC is quiet this time of the year, so nice time to return. #
  • @abalone Thank you for the interesting link. #
  • @BronSt I agree completely. On the flip side, not sure if I ever would have seen him even with traveling more. Not quite my area of interest #
  • @skydaddy Do I hear an “Amen!” coming? #
  • Just bought some Chartreuse after enjoying it so much last weekend. #
  • A final errand into Lord and Taylor, and back to the office. #
  • Minestrone soup. Healthy and yummy. #
  • Minestrone soup. Healthy and yummy. #
  • Finished revising our Course Design Document. #
  • Finished my last meeting of the day. Need time to do the work now! #
  • Just revised the rubric for the final project in my Project Management for Training class. #

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