Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-07-22

  • @Valerie_b I did not see this since I was not following you on Twitter. I usually do not follow people who do not use their real names. #
  • @Valerie_b Now that I think of it, I rarely follow people on Twitter who do not use their real names NOR have a website / online account. #
  • @KT_718 I posted on Thursday! Anyway, I asked people to try to get it “(if possible for some group feedback).” Did not intend major work. #
  • @KT_718 Ahh, clarity for some and not for others. Perhaps I need a Blackboard proofreader. Alas, no TA for this class. #
  • @cshirky What responses did you get regarding your student “intersection of politics and the net” reading question? #
  • @Valerie_b It is that balance I always try (and sometimes struggle) to remember! #
  • @eich0041 Time for your to update your Twitter profile! #
  • @Valerie_b I like the approach of leraning in all things as well. Hey, being an optimist is healthier than the alternatives. #
  • @marciamarcia Enjoy it. Do something fun for yourself (and then you will have more to share when you return). #
  • @kk So sorry to hear about the text, Kris. As I commented on Facebook, onward and upward. #
  • Had an offsite meeting. Now on the way to the office. #
  • Finished second meetinf of the day. It was for 4 hours. #
  • Anybody else think NBC is crazy to replace Jay Leno with Conan O’Brien ? #

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