Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-06-30

  • Stayed home today; felt awful this morning. Spoke to the doctor and he changed my meds. Just got up again and feeling a bit better now. #
  • @KT_718 I felt trapped, so got out of there as quickly as I could. Not enough “official protectors” for my liking and the size of the crowd. #
  • @KT_718 I am researching research books for a research course I amteaching in the Fall. About to post a blog post about it. #
  • @maniactive No, not an empty room. Thus goes non-synchronous but very real conversations. #
  • @clintlalonde The Research Process and Methods course url is I am rebuilding the course for the Fall. #
  • @gminks Response to what? The context did not come over. #
  • @KT_718 What were the stickers you distributed? #
  • @gminks WHat happened with the class? #
  • @brlamb I know exactly what you mean. Everybody thinks they do “A” work. Good luck with your justifications. #

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