Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-06-26

  • Still have a sore throat. Was home sick all day today, and do not feel much better yet. #
  • Just got some cake for dessert. Wow, I am exhausted. Off to bed. #
  • @aroberts Good way of mentioning this, Andy. WIth so many social network apps out there, it is easy to miss some. #
  • I am on #Friendfeed #
  • Made it to the office today. Have to call the doctor, as I think I am getting worse. #
  • Anybody a member of ODNetwork? #
  • @jazzychad I know what you mean. Here we are complaining about it, and go right back to use it again and again! I suppose we don’t learn? #
  • @smithjd Reading your post. Autoethnography is my methodology of choice. #
  • @smithjd Your link to “Transformations: Identity Construction in Contemporary Culture” does not work. #
  • @jazzychad Perhaps you could help them! Hey, they just got another round of funding, so one may think they could upgrade the infrastructure. #
  • @clintlalonde Looking for a degree program or continuing ed or specific sessions only? #
  • Need soup. Waiting for the doctor to call back. #
  • Need soup. Waiting for the doctor to call back. #
  • @clintlalonde Sorry, no suggestions. The reason I asked is the MS program I teach in at NYU now can be done completely online. #
  • Gathering health literacy materials and links for a new project (again) in formation. #
  • Had healthy vegetarian Japanese food for dinner. #
  • Off to get a hair cut (though not too much). My hair is at the in between stage of too long and not long enough. #

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