Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-06-24

  • Just gave the Critical Incident Questionnaire (from Stephen Brookfield) to my class. #
  • Setting up for our biweekly training session. #
  • Just got my renewal form for ODNetwork. Not sure if I have found enough value with it to renew. Is anybody else a member? #
  • @coyenator Have not seen this, but interested in learning more if you find anything. #
  • @SarahStewart Congrats! DM me with more info. #
  • @jowyang How can you not have fun here in NYC?! It is the Center Of Civilization As We Know It! #
  • @skydaddy Good point. I will share that with my students next week. #
  • @mathplourde Thank you for the heads-up. #

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