Project Management for Training Class Begins Tonight

nyuscps.jpgI am teaching a new class that begins tonight, Project Management for Training.

How many times has somebody in the training and development, or workplace learning and performance fields (not to mention human resource development, industrial / organizational psychology, organizational development, etc.) been told to develop a class in this or that without being equipped for managing the process itself? This is what this course is focused upon, project management of the training development and delivery function. Think about it — trainers and designers and developers and project managers are all skills and jobs in their own right, but in the learning function, they are often combined without recognizing all that is really involved. 

The description:

Whether you’re conducting a single training session for a small audience or multiple sessions for a large group, a training program–like a project in any other discipline–must have an effective plan to guide and track progress. This class provides you with a planning process and teaches you techniques to prepare and deliver training projects consistently and effectively. Focusing on logistics, rationale, scope, timescales, risk management, and budget, you acquire the skills to communicate with the training project’s stakeholders to ensure optimum performance.  

I am looking forward to working with my learners over the next six weeks. BTW, I wish I would have had this course when I started in the field (and I am not saying this just because I am teaching it!).

3 thoughts on “Project Management for Training Class Begins Tonight

  1. This sounds excellent! Will it ever be offered online? NV is far-far away from NYU.

    Along the same regards, my manager, fellow curriculum developer, and director all have their PMP certifications. It is on my plate to get one as well.

  2. @Christiana
    I wish it would be offered online, but not this class quite yet. Does make me think about it . . .

    @Sue Wolff
    I am planning to speak about it a bit. After the first class, I have a good feeling about what we will be able to do in this class as many of the students have significant real-world experience. That certainly helps with continuing education professional programs and certificates.

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