Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-06-20

  • Students are doing final course eval. I am sitting outside the room on a rather creatively-patterned couch. #
  • Still waiting. #
  • Evals are done. Said goodbye. Nice, dedicated students. #
  • Grading await. I have 72 hours, and plan to finish and submit by tomorrow night as I have kept up with grades for the whole class thus far. #
  • Meeting a friend for a drink. Where is she? #
  • What a long week. #
  • Let the meeting torrents begin for today. #
  • Has anybody out there done any work with Health Literacy standards? #
  • Waiting in line at Mandoo Bar. Best Korean food in Little Korea. #
  • Goon mandoo and beef fried rice. Yumm. #
  • Triple grande skim latte. #
  • The city seemed quiet today. Was there some holiday I did not know about? #
  • The same thing seemed to happen to the blogosphere, too. #

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