Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-06-18

  • @rlk300 So early? Just getting started! #
  • @arjunsingh I think we have some FEMA trailors we can send up. It seems we no longer want to use them for our own people in need . . . #
  • Better go finish the dishes. I have a project plan I need to tweak for an early morning meeting. #
  • Almost to work. Early meetings today. #
  • Just walked by somebody on the street wearing a blue face mask. A bit extreme. #
  • The second of the five meetings today just ended. The first two were the major ones. #
  • @injenuity Thank you. I just replied! #
  • @maniactive Quite clever this early in the day. #
  • @lynne_gabriel Welcome to Twitter. Keep an eye on that @skydaddy for us, ok? #
  • @macboyx Good for you. To think, cut out the coffee and blogging and social media time? #
  • @josien Where is this happening? It sounds interesting. #
  • @nattynato Thank you for the feedback. Let’s hope others found the wiki experience useful. #
  • @daveseah Break down those barriers, Dave! #
  • @gminks Just as unnaturally high as the oil company profits. If there is such a shortage, why are they making more than ever? #
  • Has anybody used NewsGator Go! for Mobile RSS reading? #
  • @injenuity and right back at you. #
  • @injenuity Not sure which is more interesting — commenting back and forth there or here? #
  • @maniactive It was more common among Japanese tourists after 9/11, but the president has not scared us by raising the terror level . . . #
  • @skydaddy How does the line go, something like “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.” #
  • Meeting #3 down. 2 to go. #
  • Oh right, I have a faculty meeting after work as well. Joy. #
  • At a faculty meeting for one of the grad programs in which I teach. #
  • There loss. I am already hot. #
  • Their loss. I am already hot. #
  • The faculty meeting ended up being quite good. Lots of good news and great ideas. #

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