Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-06-16

  • Stayed one more night in the Catskills. Early morning drive today! #
  • Funkin Donuts coffee for the long trip back. #
  • Oops. Meant Dunkin! #
  • Parked. Waiting for a subway. #
  • Parked. Waiting for a subway. #
  • @gminks Let me know when, and perhaps we can meetup for coffee or something. #
  • Made it to the office early today. Could not imagine that long commute every day. #
  • @gminks Manhattan, the Center of Civilization as We Know It. #
  • @mathplourde As my doctor tells me every time I step on the scale. #
  • @dougsymington I like TwitterBerry for adding Tweets, but have not found any easy way to read them. There are not many available that way. #
  • @gminks You are coming to Manhattan in August? #
  • I have been so busy working on an Instructional Design Document that I have not had lunch or coffee since I got into the office. #
  • Finally got coffee and a sandwich. #
  • What a quick day. Most productive work day in some time. #
  • Finally leaving the office. Have been up since 4 am. #

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