SnagIt 9: A Must for Designers and Instructors

I just installed the new version of SnagIt, the ubiquitous screen-capture utility, and am really impressed with the new featuresof this must-have for my instructional design and teaching work. I have used SnagIt for years and years for everything from creating step-by-step instructions to editing images for my class PowerPoint slides, and with each new release the folks at TechSmith seem to get it better. I really like the ability to now be able to combine elements from various screen captures, search more easily, and even share to Flickr and WordPress.

SnagIt 9

I presented a poster session at ASTD last week, and showed people some of the nifty things that can be done with the previous version. Having now played a bit with the new version, I am hooked. If you have not used this software in some time or from an older version, you will be amazed at what can now be done. One thing is for sure–this is not just a simple screen capture or <Print Scrn> program. 

One of the things I like best about all the TechSmith products is that full versions can be downloaded, installed, and tried for free for a month.  Check out Betsy’s blog post where she goes into more detail of the new features. Leave her a comment there as well and say hello to her for me.