Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-06-10

  • @dougsymington I can relate. I have felt somewhat unnaturally withdrawn while at a conference and then in upstate NY. #
  • @jazzychad I wish I waited where you eat! #
  • Going into a meeting that will last until 3:00. Nothing like all day commitments. #
  • Trying to make use of LinkedIn since @TonyKarrer convinced me of its value. #
  • Saw some of my current work colleagues are also on LinkedIn. Is it a good practice to link to them there? #
  • @maniactive They are probably hoping you will also pick up batteries, some plants, a few things for the grill, etc. #
  • @gminks That is a great site! I think will be a new regular website for me! #
  • @tonykarrer Yes; I think that is the promise of open social. Now it is just one walled garden after another. #
  • Planning to use a wiki with my class to brainstorm and develop the final exam. #
  • Have never used a wiki before for this purpose in my class, so see this as a colloborative learning opportunity. #
  • Still in the all-day meeting. My typing is getting faster. #
  • @NicoleRyan Will let you know. Never tried one for this, and want to increase democratic education, learner involvement, and ownership. #
  • @gminks Do you have any instructions or tips you can share? #
  • @maniactive Can you share some ways you have successfully used it? #
  • @mathplourde Thank you for the wiki in education lead. Your report gives me some reading tonight. #
  • At Starbucks. First time outside all day and first coffee since this morning. Sleepy. #
  • @maniactive Ouch! I mean LinkedIn! #
  • @gusgreeper I had the regular–triple grande skim latte. I take the calling it “skinny” or “no-fat” too personally . . . #
  • @mathplourde Will do. #
  • @gminks Were there enough instructions or guidance? #

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