Lessons While Leaving San Diego Airport, ASTD 2008

As was sitting on the plane thinking about the trip back home to the East Coast from ASTD 2008, and I distinctly recall the last time I went through this airport. It was shortly after 9/11, and the security lines were long. Very long.

I recall a security person barking out at the crowd, “No laughing!” I thought this was a bit drastic, but having lived in NYC on that horrible day in 01, and feeling the security had been somewhat problematic previously, I did not really mind it (except for the lines). It was also on the way home from ASTD. I was in a different job with different expectations. Different time. Different skills. Different experiences. Different colleagues, interests, technology, education, and plans for the future.

While we did not get barked at in line this time, I still feel the security here is strong, and am glad that whatever training the TSA staff have had in the intervening years, they have continued to stress what is important, while leaving the rest behind. Good lesson for all in workplace learning and performance.

2 thoughts on “Lessons While Leaving San Diego Airport, ASTD 2008

  1. Deep thoughts. I flew Southwest out of SD. I was very impressed by the efficiency of the terminal. So much better than McCarran in Vegas.

  2. Thank you for the feedback.

    From my experiences, security is better or worse at various airports, with some seemingly taking their charges more seriously than others.

    As a related issue, when I arrived in San Diego, I was told that there had been a security breach earlier in the day (something about an unaccounted-for person or bag), and everybody in the airport and already seated on planes were removed and forced to go back through security. A bit Draconian, but it does keep people safe. Unless, of course, the issue were done as a signal of TSA power or because some of the same efficient people working when I left were negligent earlier in the week.

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