WordPress Posting Test from My BlackBerry

I have finally configured my blog so I can post to it via email. As proof of this, I am sending this from my BlackBerry.

I think this may open up a lot of new possibilities, namely a middle space between Twitter (as my blog posts new blog posts to Twitter) and longer reflection.
Jeffrey Keefer
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4 thoughts on “WordPress Posting Test from My BlackBerry

  1. @Robb (RIMarkable)
    I know. Surprised nobody has done this yet. Perhaps the WordPress gurus do not use BlackBerry’s? If I had development skills, I would take a try at it!

  2. Yes, though I have tried this again several times since this one worked just for garbled words and signs to appear. It seems to be inconsistent at best. I really wish somebody much brighter than me would arrange for this. The WordPress folks did this for the iPhone, though the BlackBerry is left undone.

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