Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-06-03

  • Did I just see the news flash via the AP that Clinton will concede? #
  • So, Clinton now denies she will concede tonight. Wow, the Democrats really are tearing each other apart. #
  • @abalone So sweet, Lynn. Now the pressure is on, since I usually do not write for an audience. #
  • @suewolff Sue, I am on the lookout for these. Interestingly, from what I can determine, many at #astd2008 think tech ends at eLearning. #
  • There was a good Web 2.0 session at #astd2008 by @tonykarrer. Surprised by the limited tech understanding of many in the audience. #
  • @smithjd Trying to do so! I may propose a session on Web 2.0 for communities of practice to support org learning. Wonder about a co-author? #
  • @BuckeyeBeth Sorry I missed you. Tony mentioned you, but you were gone when I spoke to him and you already left. Seaworld tonight? #
  • The AP just reported Obama has enough delegates for the nomination #
  • Finally getting over to the convention space. Caught up on a lot of e-work this morning with some still left for later. #
  • @kanter As always, you convinced me to join it, Beth. Perhaps I will even learn more about FriendFeed, as it seems like a big time waster. #
  • @kanter Of course, that is what I thought about Twitter a year and a half ago! #
  • I am distracted while liveblogging Michael Allen’s presentation at #astd2008. He speaks very slowly. Somewhat Sage-or-Santa-like. #
  • @leelefever I have a first generation Nano. Perhaps it would skip on the water better than it delivered music?! #
  • @cogdog Yet more support for the maxim “Don’t get sick.” #
  • @shirleyearley Good luck! #
  • @jazzychad At least the whale is cuter than their old “not working” icon. #
  • @pinoyboy I hope you are not going to quit your job and just stand there! #

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