Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-06-01

  • Just checked in at the Manchester Grand Hyatt for #astd2008. #
  • Have to pay for Internet access after food. Starving! #
  • About to iron and then head over to #astd2008. Plane got in too late to get there yesterday. #
  • Wow, the Manchester Grand Hyatt makes great coffee #astd2008 #
  • Forgot how much I like the San Diego Convention Center #astd2008. #
  • I just put up my poster session on using screen capture technologies at #astd2008. First poster up! #
  • Not sure if there is wireless at the convention center for #astd2008. Will check at the Sails Pavilion now. #
  • Finally have some Internet access. There is limited access at the San Diego convention center for #astd2008. Will use it often. #
  • @nattynato Thank you. The flight to San Diego from Newark was 6 hours (they flew over Buffalo and Milwaukee) due to bad East Coast weather. #
  • @tonykarrer Thus far, have only found 3 other Tweeters for #astd2008. Will definately have to meet up. #
  • @coyenator Which project? I have been Tweeting about a bunch of them! #
  • Off to my first session of the day. So nice to finally have Web access again. I have SO much email to reply to. #
  • Too bad the presenters from the last session at #astd2008 never showed up. I was looking forward to seeing, Maude, who I studied with. #
  • @coyenator Sure; wish you were here and I can show you! I used 3 products by TechSmith–SnagIt, Camtasia, and Jing. #
  • @coyenator I will probably discuss it more here and on my blog as I get closer to my sessions Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. #
  • @BuckeyeBeth So, when shall we plan the meetup at #astd2008? Planning to attend the Welcome Reception? #
  • Just saw Yves Saint Laurent died. RIP. #

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