Identifying Solutions for Effective Individual and Team Onboarding

I am looking forward to seeing Maude DiVittis present at this session. I have known and studied with Maude while at Columbia, but have never seen her present in this sort of forum. It will be nice to see what she has been doing with her work, now that she is an independent consultant.

The session is scheduled to begin now, but neither of them are here right now. Not a good sign.

I just spoke with a fellow behind me, and he said the last session in this room was the same thing–nobody showed up and somebody came and announced the session was canceled.

OK, now we are 5 minutes into the session, and still nobody is here / no laptop. Definitely not a good sign.

Somebody just announced the speakers are a little lost and the volunteer office is looking for the speaker. I am concluding they are not showing up; people are leaving. Too bad.

One thought on “Identifying Solutions for Effective Individual and Team Onboarding

  1. I left this session and went to a book signing and then returned, and neither of the speakers showed up. Too bad, as they had a full house in the room.

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