Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-20

  • @MBisanz An interesting explanation for the Microsoft / Yahoo idea at #
  • @abalone Ahh, once again, growing pains. #
  • @shirleyearley Still reviewing them. Any suggestions? #
  • @coyenator I suppose it is good we have more to read than time in which to read them? #
  • @betsyweber I am not sure. Have not heard any replies about it, so just set up a Tweetscan #
  • @nattynato Just a bit much for the catch up. Hope it went smoothly. #
  • @coyenator The #cp2tech01 session today was excellent! #
  • Preparing a slide with results from last week’s Leadership class Critical Incident Questionnaire (CIQ). #
  • @rlk300 Hope the memories of the vacation last far into the future. #
  • Looking forward to my students’ Leadership presentations tomorrow. Interestingly, none have asked how it will be evaluated. #
  • @smithjd Interesting. Silence used to just mean silence. Wonder what that says (if anything) about out use of technology? #
  • @brlamb A drink still awaits you here in the Center of Civilization As We Know It! #
  • @rlk300 It was enough for some people I suppose, but some form of a rubric with points and such. #
  • @jfeo Practice, practice, practice. Helps get the content down so you can then be comfortable and work on the delivery. #
  • @jfeo What is the story of your avatar? #
  • No Internet access in our building. #
  • Absolutely crazy morning. Network issues. No projector. No copies. #
  • Glad TwitterBerry is working. #
  • Still no Internet access at work. #
  • Raining. Going to Subway for a healthy sandwich. #
  • The NYTimes reports Senator Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor. #
  • I uploaded a current picture of me holding a SnagIt sign. Do you like my new hair style? #
  • @tonykarrer Which conference? #

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