Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-19

  • Don’t know where the day went. Worked out, caught up on some email, upgraded WordPress, read for #cp2tech01, and pressed / ironed. #
  • Finally cleaned through this weekend’s email and Monday morning issues that seem to magically arise. On to the day’s planned tasks. #
  • Finally getting out for lunch. #
  • Cold, windy, and rainy. I am no scientist, but there is something screwy with our weather. #
  • and NYC seems to have more temperate weather on average than much of the world. #
  • I love SnagIt My picture is coming tonight! #
  • Getting a triple grande skim latte before 4:00 conference call with #cp2tech01. #
  • Looking for an instructional design model that clearly shows the evaluation being created after the objectives and before the content. #
  • Will have to visualize it myself otherwise. #
  • Will have to visualize it myself otherwise. #
  • Plumbers are working at the espresso bar while the barrista is trying to make drinks. Sanitary or up to Starbucks standards? #
  • No wonder she is backed up with ten orders. #
  • Great discussion right now in the Connected Futures #cp2tech01 workshop. #
  • @abalone Wouldn’t that be nice? To much diversity for everybody to use things like I do (and too dull, as well!). #
  • I think Twitter froze and I lost some posts. #
  • Had to leave the #cp2tech01 call before it ended; tight schedule. #

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