Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-17

  • Just read that Robert Mondavi passed away RIP. #
  • Wondering where the day went. #
  • @MBisanz Good idea. Took some Advil Cold and Sinus for a cold I am fighting, and that seems to have helped. Will try the heat this morning. #
  • @rlk300 Try it for research purposes, but be careful with what you find–you may not like the Monday morning results. #
  • @ChrisRicca Not pleasant, regardless of the methods. #
  • @MBisanz Good sign; will certainly make it easier. Hope the finals went well. The best for the move. #
  • @rlk300 That seems to be the case, at least from the media. The last few ties I was in SF, I did not have the sense of the CA in the movies. #
  • @betsyweber How is she doing? #
  • @betsyweber I wonder how many others here on Twitter are going to #ASTD in San Diego? #
  • @nattynato Always a good approach to learning. Of course, that is the business of learning, though we do not know the result ahead of time. #
  • Getting the car serviced. #
  • Car done. Off to assess if the lawn can be mowed or not. Very wet from yesterday. #
  • Was able to mow part of the lawn and put some mulch around a few struggling trees. #
  • Was able to mow part of the lawn and put some mulch around a few struggling trees. #
  • Beat the rain back to the city. #
  • Walking along the Hudson in the park. Water is choppy. Feels like a storm coming. #
  • Just bought French bread for fresh fondue tonight. Which wine to open? #
  • @nattynato Was raining in Rockland and Westchester this afternoon, and drizzling lightly now in Manhattan. Chances of showers this evening. #
  • @nattynato What are you reading? How is the nephew sitting? #
  • @Currie I know what you mean about the #cp2tech01 reading. I was slammed at work Thursday and Friday, and tomorrow is catch-up. #
  • @coyenator Once again, the machine on the right is uniting and the left is again floundering. Somehow they never learn. #
  • @coyenator I need to catch up on my reading of posts for #cp2tech01, too. #
  • @MBisanz Thanks again for the suggestion. Used a seat heater, and it seemed to help. Great idea. #
  • Off to dinner. The city is very busy this evening. #

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