Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-15

  • Working on a presentation I have to give in June. #
  • Had a wonderful traditional English dinner. Baked beans over toast with cheese. #
  • Listening to "Quantas sabedes amar (Martin Codax 13th Century)" on the album Danzas Medievales EspaƱolas. #
  • Switching to "Quantas Sabedes Amare Amigo" by Ensemble Alcatraz. I love Medieval music. #
  • Wow, John Edwards endorsed Barack Obama #
  • Reviewing the results of the Critical Incident Questionnaire from my class last night. #
  • @butwait Night, Shelley. #
  • If I failed as often as Twitter, I would not get paid. Hey, we don’t pay for Twitter, do we? #
  • Still thinking about NetVibes after the wonderful discussion with @etheoreal and @BronSt. Hope colleagues in #cp2tech01 can also share. #
  • @coyenator I studied and sang Gregorian Chant while doing a graduate degree. Still chant the Rorate Coeli when nobody can hear. #
  • @abenamer Mr. Popularity! #
  • @coyenator Do you mean like a keyword search on just a single page that is already open? #
  • @nattynato Welcome to the Twitterverse! Why do you think Twitter is being explored in the context of leadership? #
  • @rlk300 So, any additional thoughts about using Twitter? #
  • I have been thinking about how Twitter use is changing communication itself. Leadership opportunities and needs abound! #
  • @betsyweber Ouch. Have been through all of that, with the second one being the most unpleasent. The best for you all. #
  • @jimgroom Are you here in NYC now, without meeting me for a drink or snack??? #
  • @ChrisRicca They seem to avoid mine when I out them out. The ones I encounter seem to be more devious. #
  • @pinoyboy Very true about that. Just remember, the wearer was not your mom! #
  • @nattynato What kind of coding? #
  • Going for a walk out at lunch. Nice to clear the mind and senses. #
  • @sgance I just overpaid and underenjoyed a latte. #
  • @RobinYap That worked once to get me into an office and out of a cube farm. #
  • @ChrisRicca Why would you want to get them off? I thought you just threw it into the trash chute? #
  • @jimgroom Here’s looking at you, kid. Let me know. #
  • California Supreme Court Overturns Gay Marriage Ban #
  • @maniactive Switch to Verizon Wireless. They only bother you if you do not pay! #
  • @jfeo Welcome to the Twitterverse! #
  • Brutal project meetings today. #
  • Working on case studies in class. #

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