Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-07

  • @kanter ts Go, SuperBeth! #
  • The woman in front of me in line at the coffee cart was surprised when the man told her they only take cash; no credit cards. WTF?! #
  • Having difficulties accessing NYU research databases from my work this morning. #
  • Attending a #cp2tech01 workshop field trip in the Ciaris community #
  • @smithjd Thank you, John. As I am attending the #cp2tech01 vai phone calls and not skype, I at times feel not as much a participant. #
  • @cp2tech We should brainstorm how to visually represent people who attend teleconferences from different locations (phone, skype, etc.). #
  • @cp2tech Twitter is a wonderful back channel for some of these communication issues. #
  • Trying to understand CIARIS’ mission against "social exclusion." That seems somewhat broad; am not sure if I am reading it right. #cp2tech01 #
  • @smithjd John, I cannot find the RSS feed again. Can it be on the front page for ease of access? #cp2tech01 #
  • @maniactive If only we can be so lucky. For the coffee cart, they do not even have electricity! #
  • @abalone Thank you for the link. I wonder if some of my confusion is that there does not seem to be anything similar in the US? #cp2tech01 #
  • @phdaisy Yuck. That is a means of last resort. Can’t you use Outlook itself? I know I can for my university email. #
  • @abalone Not now, still trying to understand this. Rich lesson in cross-cultural applications of social issues and CoP. #cp2tech01 #
  • @BronSt Bron being a tough timekeeper! You would fit well with my internal project workgroups! #
  • @socialthing Can we help test? #
  • @abalone Who was busted – me or you? #
  • @maniactive They are indeed a hard working crew of two who are set up quite early. #
  • @abalone Me?!?! Not multitasking; think of it instead as working to capacity. #
  • @abalone Inspiration for blogging comes from all over the place #cp2tech01. #
  • Attending the #cp2tech01 field trip with Webheads in Action. #
  • @socialthing Very cool. Thank you! #
  • @abalone Thank you! @CP2Tech01 #CP2Tech01 #
  • @cp2tech01 RRRRRRR; are muted again. Those participating on the teleconference but NOT on skype are challenged with participating. #
  • @Currie @bdieu and @abalone — thank you for helping to intermediate between skype and Twitter (pure teleconference) #CP2tech01 #
  • @cp2tech01 What is the "pub aspect" mentioned on the field trip? #
  • @etheoreal Much appreciated #cp2tech01 #
  • @abalone Not sure if that really helps . . .
    #CP2tech01 #
  • @abalone Exellent. Thank you! @CP2Tech01 #
  • @CP2Tech01 QUESTION about Webheads, to follow up with @Currie – Webheads seems so decentralized; how can it still be considered a community? #
  • @BronSt Thank you for asking my question! #
  • @BronSt I suppose I am having trouble wrapping my mind over what this is. #cp2tech01 #
  • @BronSt I think that usually there is a central web site with references to the other technologies to "ground" the community #cp2tech01 #
  • @susny Interesting, Sus. How do people know where to look for these folks? #cp2tech01 #
  • @injenuity Do share . . . #
  • @cp2tech01 My headphone is muted! #
  • @cp2tech01 I just signed up for the Webheads Yahoo group; awaiting approval. Good start #cp2tech01 #
  • Going to a faculty workshop on graduate program student grading. Anybody have any grading horror stories to share? #

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