Jeffrey’s Twitter Updates for 2008-05-05

  • Writing about FireFox extensions for the CP2tech workshop in response to a question posted by @smithjd #
  • Lots of people have been suggesting I use FireFox as my promary browser, but IE still has the ctrl+T shortcut that opens a new tab at Google #
  • @derekcx Welcome to Twitter. What Moodle work are you looking for? #
  • Just overheard somebody speaking about Mother’s Day. She said "he better give me something nice, as I’ve given him two kids." #
  • I wonder if he sees it in that way? #
  • @pinoyboy That makes perfect sense to me, especially if the pie is fresh and home made. #
  • What strategies do people use to keep up with reading the Tweets of others? #
  • @pinoyboy I can almost smell it. #
  • Off to mandatory fire safety training. #
  • @RobinYap Not sure if interesting is a word I would use to describe this. #
  • The fire safety training was valuable and well-worth attending. The person who does it is dynamic and engaging. Go, Frank! #
  • @Currie Hello, Sylvia. #
  • @shirleyearley No idea on that one. #
  • @macboyx Did you enjoy it? #
  • @dmcordell What would you envision it contain? #
  • @dmcordell I aggregate Tweets in FeedDemon, but when I follow more people, I have a lot more to read. One strategy is to not follow so many. #
  • @josien One issue is that I do not usually have Internet access during the weekend. I can send them from my BlackBerry, but not easily read. #
  • Attending a teleconference to discuss the first week experience for the Connected Futures workshop. #
  • What is the Connected Futures tag – #CP2tech or #CP2tech01? #
  • @etheoreal Not sure which tag to use. #
  • @shirleyearley Are you using #cp2tech01 or #cp2tech as the tag? #
  • Listening to the #cp2tech01 workshop, and find the sharing of issues and concerns and "how are things going" fascinating. #
  • Some of this information is, even for me, a bit too workshop-focused to share here. I usually do not mention that here. #
  • @Currie Use the phone then . . . #
  • @smithjd It becomes a little confusing, then, John. More difficult to track. May I suggest we agree on one and only one to use everywhere? #
  • My blog RSS feed has not yet been added to the #cp2tech01 OPML feed. #
  • @Currie Unless people are using #cp2tech01 #
  • @Currie Great to hear you on the phone! #
  • @kanter Nice to hear you at #cp2tech! #
  • @coyenator I agree. I think about the value of beta testing and user analysis, and in that sense we are that group. #

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